Meet Hunters with the right expertise

On-demand Training

Who is trying to attack us?
What is their motivation? What happens if adversary succeeds? What are they targeting?

In this session, Matthew Hosburgh, covers:

  • Threat Hunting: From Network Patterns to Host Logs
  • An Example Matrix to keep the threat hunt on track
  • Threat Hunting on Network Indicators and on the Host
  • Searching for Network Connections within Sysmon logs

What should you hunt for? How do you hunt? What data do you need?

In this session, Dr. Eric Cole, explains:

  • What threat hunting is (and what it is not)
  • How to get started and who should be hunting
  • Basic techniques and skills utilized for successful hunts
  • The required data feeds and collectors needed to begin

Why do You Need a Threat Hunting Team? The Answer May Surprise You!

In this session, David Bianco, covers:

  • The main goals of a hunt program
  • What a “successful hunt” really means
  • Which type of team structure fits your org
  • What skills your team needs to hunt effectively

Ready to Jump from Alert-based Investigations to Proactive Hunting? Us too.

In this session, Chris Sanders, discusses:

  • Why it’s important to start threat hunting
  • How to pivot through data to get answers
  • What observables serve as good starting points
  • Which tools and techniques are readily available