Hours of on-demand threat hunting content

Threat Hunting Training

Who is trying to attack us?
What is their motivation? What happens if adversary succeeds? What are they targeting?

In this session, Matthew Hosburgh, covers:

  • Threat Hunting: From Network Patterns to Host Logs
  • An Example Matrix to keep the threat hunt on track
  • Threat Hunting on Network Indicators and on the Host
  • Searching for Network Connections within Sysmon logs

What should you hunt for? How do you hunt? What data do you need?

In this session, Dr. Eric Cole, explains:

  • What threat hunting is (and what it is not)
  • How to get started and who should be hunting
  • Basic techniques and skills utilized for successful hunts
  • The required data feeds and collectors needed to begin

Why do You Need a Threat Hunting Team? The Answer May Surprise You!

In this session, David Bianco, covers:

  • The main goals of a hunt program
  • What a “successful hunt” really means
  • Which type of team structure fits your org
  • What skills your team needs to hunt effectively

Ready to Jump from Alert-based Investigations to Proactive Hunting? Us too.

In this session, Chris Sanders, discusses:

  • Why it’s important to start threat hunting
  • How to pivot through data to get answers
  • What observables serve as good starting points
  • Which tools and techniques are readily available